Bill Gates To Work Closely With New Microsoft CEO, But Won’t Go Full Time

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In an interview with the Financial Times Bill Gates has hinted at becoming more involved with Microsoft are a period of relative absence. The report states that Bill Gates will spend “considerable time working with the next boss after an appointment is made”. Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates is constantly speculated as being the ideal successor to outward bound CEO Steve Ballmer but Bill Gates has persistently denied such speculation stating he does not want to make a full time return to Microsoft because he instead wants to continue with his global charity work.

Steve Ballmer’s successor is not yet known, speculation has put former Nokia boss Stephen Elop at the top of the pack after the recent Nokia and Microsoft handset division deal. A decision is expected by the end of the year and whoever does take over will probably keep Bill Gates busy with Microsoft at least for the duration of the changeover period. Whether Bill Gates chooses the new leadership and “fresh start” as an opportunity for himself to become more involved remains to be seen, I’m sure there are many people hoping that he will.

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One Response to “Bill Gates To Work Closely With New Microsoft CEO, But Won’t Go Full Time”
  1. Alistair Hardy says:

    I personally think it shouldn’t be Elop.
    What made MS great back in the day is that it was designed and made by I.T people.
    now it’s designed by a Finance Department.

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