Bing more successful than Google in the USA for July

/ 6 years ago

Experian Hitwise has reported that Bing is more successful in searches than Google. The figures were achieved by dividing the number of searches with the number of times they resulted in links being clicked on. Although Google is a much bigger player than Microsoft’s Bing, the results are in Bing’s favour.

The success rates were as follows:
– Yahoo: 81.36%
– Bing: 80.04%
– Google: 67.56%

Yahoo tops the statistics but they run their searches through Bing in a deal signed in 2009 which outsourced all Yahoo searches to Bing. The results are for July’s search engine figures in the USA. The overall results, saw Google and Bing lose 2% a piece falling to 66.05% and 12.98% respectively. Yahoo’s share rose 4% to 15.07% seeing the “Bing Powered” share of the US search engine market rise 2% to 28.05%.


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