BIOSTAR Introducing Built-In LAN Surge Protection For Motherboards

/ 3 years ago

superlan surge protection

BIOSTAR has introduced a new protection that will be added to all their future motherboards, the new Super LAN Surge Protection. This SLSP should give increased protection from large power surges such as lightning strikes by using additional hardware devices and chips. BIOSTAR’s SLSP will be able to ensure that the motherboards have a high degree of protection from such surges and will be limiting surge voltages until they reach safe levels.

BIOSTAR is blowing their own horn a bit as being the first to introduce this feature, which is quite a bold statement considering that there are several board manufacturers that have surge protection on their LAN ports already. So whether this is a much better protection, or they mean that they are the first to introduce it to all motherboards no matter of series, that is something we’ll have to wait for more information to find out.

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Being first or not aside, more protections for out components are welcome at any time, so keep them features coming.

Thanks to BIOSTAR for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of BIOSTAR

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