Bioware Producer is “sure” of more Mass Effect

/ 6 years ago

Mass Effect 3

Veteran producer Casey Hudson says he’s “sure” there will be more Mass Effect after the third and final game in the trilogy releases this year.

Speaking in the latest PSM3, which is out today, Hudson said he doesn’t think he’ll be sad when the trilogy finally comes to an end on March 6 (US).

“We’re probably too busy to feel sad it’s over right now,” he said. “I don’t think I’ll be sad. We’re not done yet, and I don’t know what the final experience will be, but I’m pretty sure Mass Effect 3 is the best in the series.

“We had ambitious goals, but to make a whole series that spans recessions, BioWare’s independence, different publishers… Well, we did it in the end.”

Asked what happens next with the series, Hudson replied: “We don’t know exactly, but there will be more Mass Effect for Mass Effect fans, I’m sure.”

Earlier this week BioWare’s Mike Gamble urged fans to hold onto their Mass Effect 3 save files, because ‘you never know what may come in future’.

Source: CVG

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