Bitcoin Estimated At A Value Of $100,000 In The Future

/ 4 years ago


Chris Dixon, partner at Andreessen Horowitz, states that Bitcoin has the potential to become the leading means of making payments online in the future. He says that a single Bitcoin could be worth more than its present value. “I think [a bitcoin] could be easily worth $100,000,” Dixon says.

This is quite a big achievement, since a single Bitcoin was worth only $13 about a year ago. Currently, a bitcoin is worth roughly $840, give or take, giving it a 6,461% increase in value over a 12 month statistic. In addition to the value, there are around 12.2 million Bitcoins in circulation at the moment, summing up a value of around $10.3 billion in cryptocurrency.

Dixon adds that the maximum number of Bitcoins could be reached by the turn of the century, which can lead to increasing value of the Bitcoin by that time. The Bitcoin is currently deemed a very speculative investment, however it may hold promise as an investment instrument, at least with regard to the applications and companies that offer Bitcoin-related services.

This December Andressen Horowitz itself invested $25 million in Coinbase, a San Francisco-based startup that specializes in Bitcoin payments and exchange. During the same period, Horizons Ventures had also put in an investment in BitPay, yet another Bitcoin payment processor.

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