Bitcoin Rewards Offered By PointsHound For Booking Hotel Rooms

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Reports say that PointsHound is now offering members the option of earning Bitcoins and use them to book hotel rooms.

The site allows users to select Bitcoin as a reward method for their next hotel stay, having the payout variable and depending on multiple factors, most importantly being where a user chooses to stay. For example, a three-night stay in New York City will net more Bitcoins than a similar stay in Pittsburgh. Other factors include the market value of Bitcoin and whether or not the hotel you choose offers the maximum commission to PointsHound. What’s more, the site uses an in-house algorithm to calculate how much Bitcoin is offered by each hotel. Fortunately, all of this information is shown when you perform a query.

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To be noted as well is that PointsHound partners with more than 150,000 hotels around the globe. Tech Spot did a check of hotels on the Las Vegas strip for a three-night stay, having results shows Bitcoin rewards ranging from 0.0356 at Circus Hotel to 0.1392 for those staying at the Wynn Las Vegas.

Pete Van Dorn, co-founder of PointsHound, points out that rewards are typically sent to a user’s Bitcoin wallet with a few days of checkout from the hotel but can take up to two weeks at most.

Thank you Tech Spot for providing us with this information

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