BitCoin Tip Tricks Mac Users Into Bricking Their Machines

/ 4 years ago


It was only last week that Xbox One users were bricking their consoles, a tip posted online promised to unlock backwards compatibility on the console, but the “secret feature” actually just caused the console to boot loop, effectively bricking the console! Long story short, STAY OUT OF THE DEV MENU.

Now just as that story dies down, an image promoting a secret BitCoin mining feature on Apple computers was posted, promising users the ability to unlock a feature that has been hidden on all Apple products since 2009. With BitCoin in high popularity at the moment, many people are keen to get mining and earn some extra cash, unfortunately the were (rather obviously) tricked.

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Of course, not everyone is a tech news writer like myself and not everyone understands terminal commands, so I can understand that some people did fall for this, although I doubt too many would be quick to admit it.

Let’s just be clear about one thing, DON’T TRY THIS! Why? Because it formats your hard drive of course.


Thank you Cult of Mac for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Cult of Mac.

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7 Responses to “BitCoin Tip Tricks Mac Users Into Bricking Their Machines”
  1. Mason / MrPS3skills says:

    Where did the troll come from? 4Chan?

  2. User says:

    One thing to note: This doesn’t *format* your hard drive. It recursively deletes EVERYTHING on your computer. The drive is still formatted just the same as it was before.

  3. Ben Warren says:

    probably apples marketing plan, makes them buy a new mac!

  4. bamadeus says:

    ha! I was in this very same thread. :’)

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