BitFenix debut the new Ghost midtower chassis

/ 5 years ago

BitFenix have added another classy looking PC chassis to their midtower collection. The BitFenix “Ghost” is their latest solution for enthusiasts who want to silence their high performance system. The case will still support tall CPU coolers, long graphics cards and some watercooling options, but at the same time it is equipped with noise dampening “Serentek” foam that should keep acoustics to a minimum.

The BitFenix Ghost chassis maintains what you might call a minimalist look, they’ve played it safe with an all matte-black design. The new BitFenix “NanoChrome” coating process reportedly keeps the coating even coloured and thickness giving the case a more quality look and feel.

BitFenix have certainly thought through the cases’ features and listened to customer feedback. The front panel door has a dual hinge, meaning it can open in both directions, and the HotSwap bay supports SATA III drives and is very well disguised into the front panel. The top of the case also has room for a slim 240mm radiator, impressive if you’re looking for a silent system.

Under the bottom of the case BitFenix have gone with magnetic dust filters, which is always a nice touch. They’ve also added rails onto which LED strips can be attached to give a nice lighting effect.

As standard the case comes equipped with two 120mm BitFenix Spectre fans and the anti-vibration drive mounts keep mechanical hard drive noise to a minimum. All drive installations are tool free, plus graphics cards of up to 33cm/13 inches can be installed.

The BitFenix Ghost will hit the retail shelves at $99 in North America and €89 in Europe by the end of this month.

If you’re interested in more specifications and pictures then you can see those here.

Source: Press Release

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