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BitFenix Enso Mesh Tempered Glass Aura Sync Case Review

Complete System

Building a system inside the Enso couldn’t have been much easier. There’s plenty of space on the interior to easily get components installed. Plus, the end result looks fantastic, even if some of the cable routing options could have been improved.

It’s clear BitFenix have butchered an older model to make this. It’s noticeable when you see the 5.25″ mounts on the right there. This space should have been made to offer another routing grommet. It’s hardly a deal breaker though, as the build still looks great.

It’s hard to see, but the rear hole for the motherboard 8-pin cable is too far into the corner too. It took some finger gymnastics to route the cable. Again, not impossible, but it’s not hard to cut a bigger hole… or maybe it is, what do I know.

The same goes for the GPU power cables, a routing hole in the top of the shroud would mean an easier route for the cable.


There may only be a single fan installed, but it’s perfectly located to cool the GPU and CPU. Of course, you could always add more fans if you really needed them, but the front panel lets in plenty of airflow on its own too.

A few cable routing issues aside, you can’t argue with the fact that the final product looks fantastic. I’m loving the white version even more now that we have the RGB powered on and some monochrome hardware installed.

Tempered Glass

The window is very clear, so you can see the hardware very easily. The RGB does light up the interior, but only a little. Most of the light is on the exterior with those RGB strips on each of the front corners.

You can use Aura Sync to control it all via software. This means you can pair it with keyboards, mice, headsets, fans, etc, so long as they have Aura Sync of course. If not, you can use the lighting control button to cycle through the colours and effects.

As you can see, it controls all connected devices; in this case, it’s the rear fan and the front panel lights. A picture speaks a thousand words when it comes to RGB though, so enjoy the next few images!

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Peter Donnell

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