BitFenix releases Spectre Pro White LED fans and Recon White Fan Controller

/ 5 years ago

Today, BitFenix is releasing the Recon White fan controller and the Spectre Pro All White LED fan series, two products for users who prefer white-themed computers.

The Recon White fan controller is quite interesting because it enables users to connect to it using smartphones, tablets or laptops via the Internet. It has five fan channels, and a touchscreen interface displays current system temperatures and fan speeds, while giving easy access to the Recon’s advanced functionality. The BitFenix Recon White carries a suggested retail price of USD 39.

The BitFenix Spectre Pro LED fan series combines an all-white look with colored LEDs. This series is comprised of four models, all of them featuring a fluid dynamic bearing: 120 mm (18.9 dBA), 140 mm (22.8 dBA), 200 mm (27.5 dBA) and 230 mm (25.6 dBA).

 Source: TechPowerUp


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  1. look like lego inspired 🙂

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