BitFenix’s Survivor enclosure

/ 7 years ago

Chances are you haven’t heard the name BitFenix before. That’s actually quite likely, since the Taiwanese start-up came into existence in April and only announced its first enclosure, the Colossus, in August. The company’s second computer case was made official in late September, and it’s what we’ll be looking at today.

How have we come to know such a fresh face in the enthusiast hardware industry? Well, it turns out that the BitFenix team includes some of the folks we used to know from Abit. This is where I’d insert a pun about a phoenix rising from the ashes of the defunct motherboard maker—you know, if I wanted to be cheesy.

The point is, these folks aren’t new to the industry, so they ought to know what makes a good PC enclosure. We actually caught a sneak peek at the Survivor at Computex this summer, and we came away with a positive impression, thanks in part to the case’s unique rubberized finish. It’s a little hard to describe, but the top and front bezel feel very smooth and warm to the touch, like a nice suede jacket or the leather seats in a luxury sedan.

Source: The Tech Report

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