BitFenix Unveil Green and Blue Prodigy Cases

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BitFenix’s Prodigy mini-ITX cases has been one of the most popular on the market since its release. It has spurred a  “tech-fashion” of building high performance portable gaming rigs thanks to ever shrinking graphics cards, motherboards and ever increasing CPU performance with lower TDPs. The BitFenix prodigy came out over 9 months ago and if you missed our review on it then be sure to check that here. However, we aren’t here to discuss how well the old BitFenix Prodigy has done because that has been and gone. Today we bring you the news that BitFenix are now offering the Prodigy in blue or green.

The two originally named BitFenix Prodigy Blue and BitFenix Prodigy Green cases bring a new lease of life into the Prodigy cases. In addition both will come with a side window panel based on customer feedback, instead of the metal-grille that the side panel previously had. This means that you can now show off the internals of your BitFenix Prodigy build without having to buy a custom side panel or mod a window panel into it yourself.

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The two colours used are “Vivid Green ” and “Cobalt Blue” and have SofTouch Surface treatment. The BitFenix Prodigy Green and Blue feature all the same features of the BitFenix Prodigy that people loved except now in different colours and with a side panel. Customers should expect to find these available at retailers by the start of June. No word is mentioned on what the pricing is like or what availability will be like. As far as we are aware these are not limited edition so supply should be abundant.

What are your thoughts on these new colours from BitFenix?


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One Response to “BitFenix Unveil Green and Blue Prodigy Cases”
  1. I wouldn’t mind a case in either colour. Now we just need a purple, pink & yellow. Cool.

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