BitTorrent head “Gregory Cherwonik” is sentenced to 40 months in jail

/ 5 years ago

With an order to pay the MPAA $15,000 and a sentence of 40 months in jail, Gregory Cherwonik, one of the members of the BitTorrent release group “iMAGiNE”, received the longest jail sentence for file sharing offences to date.

The duration of the jail sentence reflects his status in the group compared to other members who received 23 and 30 month sentences earlier this month. Between September 2009 and 2011, this group was reportedly responsible for 41% of all “English-language theatrical audio piracy”.

Two more members have also pleaded guilty and will be sentenced next year.

Source: The Verge


2 Responses to “BitTorrent head “Gregory Cherwonik” is sentenced to 40 months in jail”
  1. Jayster says:

    Wow, what a badly worded article.

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