Biwin debut Elite Series SATA III SSDs

/ 6 years ago

Biwin today announced Elite Series SATA III SSDs, based on the LSI SandForce SF-2281 Flash Storage Processor, that are designed to substantially improve storage performance in laptops and desktops. With a standard 2.5″ form factor (dimensions: 100 x 69.8 x 9.5 mm), Elite Series SSDs are compatible with virtually any desktop computer and millions of laptops. They support 6 Gbps SATA III, and are downward compatible with 3 Gbps SATA II systems.

Elite Series SSDs are equipped with performance enhancing features including Native Command Queuing (NCQ), TRIM, and Garbage Collection, as well as reliability features such as support for SMART commands, BCH ECC, and wear leveling. These SSDs address security concerns with AES-256 and 128 data encryption. Elite Series SSDs achieve sequential read and write speeds up to 550 and 520 MB/sec respectively, and support max 4KB random write speeds up to 65,000 IOPS. The performance advantages over HDDs in both sequential and random workloads are very significant.

Biwin offers the Elite Series in 60 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB and 480 GB capacities, with either Asynchronous MLC NAND for best value or Synchronous MLC for maximum IOPS performance. These models are all in production now, and will be available on Amazon and NewEgg in April.

Source: PR

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