Black Mesa Steam Workshop Page Appears

/ 2 years ago


Earlier this week, we brought you news that a mysterious timer had appeared on the Black Mesa website, settings the internet ablaze with rumour and speculation on what could be coming. We suspected that it would be the Xen Missions, which still seems like a likely candidate for when the counter strikes zero, but there’s already been some development on both the site and on the steam platform.

There are only a few hours left on the counter, but the site has already changed its tune from obscure noises, to an emergency broadcast which has me even more excited for what today’s big reveal could be!

To add to the excitement factor and admitted, possibly even spoiling what may be the whole thing, a page has appeared on Steam for the Black Mesa Workshop. Could this simply be the addition of the Xen levels, a major update to the engine, the retail version of the game or something else?

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While I suspect this is a massive trolling, some plucky investigators have discovered the ASCII image you can see below in the website, right about a link to THREE.WebGLRenderer. Not what I wouldn’t call it the greatest clue ever, but I’m sure there’s still a few of you delusional enough to think that Half-Life 3 will ever see the light of day.


All eyes to Black Mesa for when the clock hits zero!

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