BlackBerry Finally Back In The Black

/ 5 years ago

Its been a difficult year for BlackBerry and its been public knowledge that they had been struggling with sales and following their first quarterly report, the mobile firm is proud to announce that they are once again making a profit; putting Black In BlackBerry.

According to the report, BlackBerry made a total of $94 million in profit following a total revenue of $2.7 billion in sales. Most of this comes from the release of the new BB10 but this is not everything as the new handset was not available in the US for the first quarter.

All of this makes up for the poor report that was released for the same quarter last year, where BlackBerry announced that they had made a huge net loss of over $125 million, but the sales figures this year do show that the company is back on track and making a move in the right direction. We’ve seen recently that they have managed to push out over one million of the new Z10 handsets and following a quiet arrival in the US last week, sales there are starting to pick up as well. On top if the Z10, the report also mentions that over five million of its older handsets were also sold along with 370,000 PlayBook tablets.

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Until the next quarterly report comes out we won’t really know is the Z10 is a global success or if competing handsets will have the edge on the US market, but until now its a sign that BlackBerry have got their game on and are still a major player in the mobile market.

SOURCE: Tweaktown

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