BlackBerry Playbook 2 Tablet Could Be Out For The Holiday Season

/ 4 years ago


According to a report by IT website Ciol Blackberry’s Playbook 2 will be made available in time for the holiday season. The BlackBerry Playbook 2 is touted as a “top 10” tablet for the holiday shopping season this year. The website reads:

“The Blackberry Playbook 2 uses the BB10 software that took the company over a year to create. It’s much improved on its predecessor and at just £160, it’s hard to grumble.”

Straight away that gives us a solid indication of pricing and the operating system it uses. Though at £160 its debatable whether consumers could be swayed towards BlackBerry OS when you can pick up capable Android tablets, like Samsung’s Galaxy 3 7 inch or Tesco’s Hudl, for the same price or less.

Despite Blackberry pledging it would focus on the enterprise market it seems the company still wants a slice of the consumer market. We’ll have to wait and see if the Playbook 2 does materialise in time for the holiday season or not.

Image courtesy of BlackBerry


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