Blood Sport Peripheral Wants Your Actual Blood During Games

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Well then.

Blood Sport has jumped onto Kickstarter asking for pledges to reach $250,000 for a device that would have some serious, real-world consequences while you’re gaming. Each time you get hit with a bullet or damaged in a game, the peripheral will draw blood from your arm through an intravenous line in your arm. GULP.

The Canadian based duo behind Blood Sport explain on their Kickstarter page

“It’s stupidly simple. Remember the rumble pack? Well, nowadays most video game controllers rumble when you get shot in the game. That rumbling means that an electrical signal is being sent to the controller to let you know you’ve been hit. All we’re doing is re-routing that same electrical signal and using it to turn on the blood collection system.

Using just two wires, we’re able to connect your controller to the blood collection machine via an Arduino Board.

The Arduino Board has two jobs: One, to keep the signal going to the blood collection system and, two, to keep track of how much blood is being pulled so that Blood Sport powers down before you do. We’ve done this by allowing you to input your age, weight and any preexisting medical conditions.”

If you want your blood taken during a game, pledge here.

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Source: Kickstarter.

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4 Responses to “Blood Sport Peripheral Wants Your Actual Blood During Games”
  1. Wayne says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they fall well short of their target. This has got to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Games are just that, games, and never to be taken seriously and if you do, try getting a life.

  2. fowlskins says:

    @wayne dont you think this is more about getting more people to give blood then just suck it from people for competition ?

  3. Curtis Corse says:

    I could see this being a good idea if there was a way to make use of the blood once it has been taken. Is the blood thrown away or donated? The lack of a sterile environment or phlebotomy(?sp) skills for most people would make it seem like a waste of blood. When disposing of blood or any other human fluids, it needs to be done in a biohazard bag and incinerated, not thrown in with the rest of the trash.

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