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Bloodhound SSC 1,000MPH Project Scrapped

Bloodhound SSC 1,000MPH Project Scrapped

In September 2017, we had our first look at the Bloodhound SSC. A car that was looking exceptionally likely to be the first in over 20-years to set a brand new land speed record. With it reportedly being capable of reaching speeds in excess of 1,000MPH, that wasn’t just looking to break the record. It was looking to smash it!

Last October though, things became very concerning. In a nutshell, the money was starting to run out and the group was desperately seeking a new investor to keep the project alive. Well, I’m afraid it’s not good news!

In a report via SkyNews, the Bloodhound SSC project has officially entered administration. As such, the attempt to break the land speed record with the vehicle is officially over!

Why Has It Failed?

In the report, the group is now officially in administration. As such, there is no further effort to seek an investor and parts are beginning to be sold off to attempt to recover costs. The project is, pending a miracle I can’t even find a suitable description of, over. It does, however, raise the question of what went wrong.

Sadly, beyond the remit of running out of money, there is no specific answer for this. In addition, it seems that the vehicle will never get the opportunity for a single ‘proper’ run!

Testing Issues!

With an initially successful test of 200mph+ speeds, additional funding was necessary to put this to 500mph, 750mph and eventually a 1000MPH+ attempt. With the project now officially over, it just seems sad that this vehicle has never even remotely been tested to its capability. Although the UK doesn’t have any suitable testing areas, it would’ve been nice to see this at least get funding for a ‘let’s see what she can do’ run.

It’s genuinely sad and it’s shutdown puts end to the most likely land speed record attempt for at least the next 10 years. Despite this very much looking like the end for the Bloodhound SSC, I honestly hope that it isn’t!

What do you think? Are you sad to see this project end? Why do you think it failed? In addition, would you like to have seen one full run? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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