Blu-ray Technology Improves Solar Panel Efficiency by 20%

/ 3 years ago


Who knew that home release copies of Jackie Chan’s Police Story 3: Super Cop would be used to save the environment? Researchers at Northwestern University, apparently. They discovered the azure nanoscopic pattern on Blu-ray discs can be implemented to improve the efficiency of solar panels.

The team bought up several copies of Police Story 3 (on sale at Best Buy, at the time), pressed plastic stamps out of the data side of the Blu-ray discs. The stamps were used to manufacture solar panels with the exact same pattern as the Blu-ray disc. After comparing numerous different pattern-pressed solar panels over the course of a few months, the researchers concluded that the Blu-ray patterns were the most efficient, by an impressive 20%.

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Source: Techspot

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2 Responses to “Blu-ray Technology Improves Solar Panel Efficiency by 20%”
  1. Jackie chan’s awesomeness never ends

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