Bluetooth Padlock TEO Lets You Share Unlock Permissions With Friends On The Fly

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TEO is a bluetooth-enabled smart-lock produced by OckCorp and is already a week past its start in the Kickstarter campaign. Their target is to raise $151,000 and then start TEO’s production. TEO is not the first smart-lock on the market, there are also a variety of deadbolts that secure your doors wirelessly. However, TEO is a bit different by being more versatile, and can be unlocked via Bluetooth with your smartphone.

Gord Duncan, TEO’s inventor, says he came up with the idea while renting a car in Costa Rica. He was afraid of losing the keys to his vehicle and thought about a carabiner which the user could lock. The result was TEO, a carabiner which the user can lock and unlock with a dedicated iOS app.

The features TEO has planned are the ability to open more than one padlock with the same phone, a feature that can let the owner of a lock send time-constrained or permanent unlocking permissions to another app, and also a location tracker with an alarm to trigger if the lock is tampered with. OckCorp also points out to an Android app in the future as well.

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There are still a few things to think about before actually starting to develop TEO, as OckCorp mentions, such as the fact that TEO is still dependant on batteries. However, Duncan implies that the gadget is still a lock and “it has to do what a lock does really well” after all. If the Kickstarter campaign will be successful, TEO can start shipping in December.

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One Response to “Bluetooth Padlock TEO Lets You Share Unlock Permissions With Friends On The Fly”
  1. Andres Reyes says:

    Not a bad idea, but what happens if you loose your phone?

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