BMW Car Can’t Crash at Low Speeds

/ 3 years ago


BMW has been showing off its latest and greatest tech at CES, including this – a car that cannot crash at low speeds. Now you might think that at low speeds what’s the point of a car not being able to crash – surely it’s more important at higher speeds? Well this is more about parking and preventing annoying dings and dents.

The car utilises a number of sensors to prevent any collisions around the entire circumference of the vehicle, stopping it just inches away from any obstacle. That thing about inches is good too, since you don’t exactly want to be stopping every 5 seconds when you’re trying to park.

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But really it’s not just about dings and dents; this will prove very valuable in the safety of young children, who could be hard to spot when walking behind a moving a vehicle. The car can also park itself – something becoming increasingly common these days, but this one can do it via a smartwatch!

The Verge has produced this really great video showing some of the car’s features.

Source: The Verge

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