Bolivian Leader Claims USA Has Hacked All Government Emails

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The fallout between the USA and Bolivia continues after the USA forced European countries to close their airspace to the Bolivian President’s jet a few weeks ago. This was so the plane could be searched for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. While Edward Snowden now looks more likely to take asylum in Russia, Bolivia and the rest of Latin America appear to be growing ever more frustrated with the conduct of the USA. The latest incident to add fuel to the fire is an American hacking incident. Bolivia’s president Evo Morales, pictured above, stated that the American government has been hacking his emails and the emails of his top level government. He states that as a result he has now shut down his email and advised government colleagues to do the same.

“Those US intelligence agents have accessed the emails of our most senior authorities in Bolivia…It was recommended to me that I not use email, and I’ve followed suit and shut it down” Morales said in a speech at the Mercosur regional summit in Montevideo according to Russia Today.

Furthermore at the same summit the Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timmerman said that over 100 of their government officials were under surveillance from an unnamed nation. However, you can safely assume the unnamed nation was the USA given the circumstances in which it was announced.

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