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Boring Company Using Xbox Controller To Operate Drill

Boring Company Using Xbox Controller To Operate Drill

You may not necessarily know who the Boring Company are, you would be forgiven as they are an off-shoot of a much better-known firm. Namely Tesla. Yes, the Elon Musk operated business has a drilling company, one that is actually doing rather well for itself. If you still don’t remember the Boring Company, perhaps you remember the promotional flame-thrower they sold?

Based on this, you might be forgiven for thinking that the drill part of the business is a little boring (ha!). Following a Twitter post though, they have shown an image claiming that they use an Xbox controller, one that you might use to play your games on, to operate the drill itself!

That’s Well Boring!

You might, at this point, be a little concerned that something so technically involved is operated using a games controller. Despite that though, they have found it to be one of the better ways to get a responsive feel to the work and, in addition, it’s hard to argue that the XBox Controller isn’t nice to handle.

Best Video Game Ever

In the Twitter post above, you can see the drill in action directly controlled. Neither the Boring Company, Tesla or Elon Musk (surprisingly) has commented specifically why they used the Xbox controller. There are, after all, many others available. If you think you’re pretty handy with one though, there might be an opportunity for you to dig a few tunnels.

Think of it as ‘Dig Dug’, but in the real world!

What do you think? Does this impress or alarm you? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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