Boston Dynamics’ New Handle Robot Can Jump 1.2m and Lift 45kg

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Boston Dynamics' New Handle Robot Can Jump 1.2m and Lift 45kg

The latest robot from Boston Dynamics stands 195 centimeters tall and has a vertical leap of 1.2 meters with the ability to carry 45 kilograms with ease. No, this robot is not trying out for the NBA but it is nonetheless quite impressive, especially since it is a wheeled bipedal robot that maintains its balance extremely well despite jumping and moving around. The robot is called “Handle” and is fully electric outfitted with actuators so it can move and travels at 14.5 kilometers-per-hour with a 15-mile range on a single charge.

Implemented on Handle are the same dynamics, balance and mobile manipulation principles found on other Boston Dynamic robots but made to be simpler with only 10 actuated joints.  In the video published on the Boston Dynamics YouTube channel, Handle is seen moving around with much agility and maintains its balance as it wheels down a flight of stairs or a snow-covered hillside. It even wheels forward and jumps up to clear an obstacle and adapts to various level changes, even uneven surfaces. Handle can even spin around and carry a weighted load with its arms with ease. There does not seem to be a set front or back to Handle as it is shown on the video to move as fast and smoothly forward as it does backward. When it carried the weighted load, it had its arms positioned at the back, most likely for better balance. A jumping, heavy lifting robot that has superb balance has many applications including industrial use, warehouse worker and even find use in planetary exploration missions.

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