Booth at Insomnia i52

/ 3 years ago


Time to check out what is at the booth at Insomnia i52. They’ve rolled out a nice range of gaming rigs for people to check out, as well as a wide range of their latest PC products such as chassis, peripherals, power supplies and more.

Those wanting to play some of the latest and greatest games will find several nice gaming PCs fitted into a wide range of Aerocool chassis, each running games such as Battlefield 4 and giving gamers the chance to get hands on with peripherals such as the latest MadCatz products.

They’ve also brought out their Cosmos II custom build which features a full custom water cooling loop and it looks absolutely stunning.










One Response to “ Booth at Insomnia i52”
  1. Kit Temple says:

    PC from Box broke after 11 months – the power supply simply stopped working. I sent the product back extensively wrapped in bubblewrap. Box took 3 weeks from when I told them the machine was broken to tell me that my machine was smashed by their courier – 3 weeks of chasing them and them not replying to me to tell me what was going on. Now they are simply shipping back my smashed to pieces machine refusing to help – and making some delighted point about me having no consumer protection because I purchased on a business account. Very suspicious behaviour and terrible customer service – avoid this company at all costs.

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