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Boxed Copy of Super Mario Bros 3 Sells for $156,000

It’s hardly a secret that classic (or rare) video games can command a pretty hefty price tag these days. If anything, it kind of makes me relatively annoyed that, at the time of owning many of these now super-expensive titles, I treated the packaging a bit like I do now when an Amazon box arrives. For example, if you grew up in the late ’80s (which I did) you might have been lucky enough to get a copy of Super Mario Bros 3 for the NES. And while you almost certainly loved the game, and perhaps even still own it today, the packaging it came with has probably long since vanished!

Well, if that is the case, then look away now as in a report via TechSpot a boxed near-mint copy of Super Mario Bros 3 has just sold at auction for $156,000!

Super Mario Bros 3 Game Sells for $156,000

With the action sale confirmed at $156,000, this NES classic represents (at least to my knowledge) the most expensive video game ever sold kicking a boxed copy of Super Mario Bros (1), which sold at $114,000 back in July, into second place.

So, you might be wondering why this sold for so much. Well, while I don’t process to being an expert on the subject, there are apparently two key reasons why. Firstly, with it being graded at 9.2, this is considered in near mint condition. Secondly though, and I’ll admit I’ve never heard this one before, with the ‘bros’ writing being placed over Mario’s right hand, it seems that this particular boxed version is even rarer than usual.

Time to Search the Attic

Although only working off memory, there is a part of me that is now more than a little curious if this boxed version was the one I owned. Sadly though, being that it’s around 30 years since I last knew where it was, I guess that’ll have to remain a mystery for the rest of my days. If you do, however, perhaps have a box of gaming classics up in your loft, it might be worth your time to just have a quick look.

If they’re selling for $158,000, that 20 minutes of hunting could be exceptionally well rewarded!

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Mike Sanders

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