Breaking Bad Scenes Recreated in GTA V

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Note: This post covers spoilers for one of Breaking Bad’s most famous sequences.

Grand Theft Auto V is such an awesome open world game with stunning graphics which makes everything possible. Breaking Bad fans took it to a whole new level by recreating the some of the greatest scenes of the popular tv series. Few YouTubers have manage to pull off complex scenes using the built-in Rockstar Editor which assists in making and shooting the gameplay from various angles and provides the cinematic-like result.

This is a remake of the showdown between Hank Schrader and the relentless Salamanca Cousins from Breaking Bad’s season three episode “One Minute.” done by YouTuber Adam Pinkman.

Adam acknowledges the difficulty he faced during the creation of  two of the shots “but I managed to make them somehow.” Due to the lack of a great player model in the game to represent the bald and barrel-chested Hank, and the cousins lack some of their visual menaces, but the whole thing works very well. Recreating of the details was also challenging such as the dashboard clock with sam time as in the show, the black bullet, the axe dropped to the pavement.

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This creation is done by LioN KoLLA.

We have witnessed creative recreating in GTA V such as Furious 7’s Paul Tribute. What are your thoughts on this video? Let us know in the comments section.

Thank you Polygon for providing us with this information. 

Image courtesy of Cracker.

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