Breaking News: AMD Tonga GPU Details Revealed

/ 4 years ago


The team over at have gotten hold of some very exciting information about the next set of hardware from the red camp. AMD’s new GPU hardware is set to be called Tonga, part of their ever popular volcanic island series, following on from Hawaii and Vesuvius.

There have been rumours about Tonga hardware before, when the name leaked in a beta driver alongside the Hawaii and Vesuvious hardware. However, nothing has been heard since, until now of course. Previous rumours pointed towards a new flagship model, but with the 295×2 now out in the wild, that seems unlikely, especially given that AMD currently lead the performance market with that card. The new card will be for the general consumer, a mid-budget range of cards that you won’t need to print money to be able to afford.

The card isn’t hugely innovative, so don’t expect 20nm fabrication or high bandwidth memory, in fact the reference design will have an upper limit of just 2GB GDDR5, but perhaps AMD partners can take things to the next level after its release. The card looks like another tweak on the current GCN hardware, bringing better power efficiency, more performance as well as popular AMD technologies such as Mantle, TrueAudio and hopefully XDMA CrossFire.

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The card looks set to compete with the Nvidia Maxwell GM107 hardware and after a ferocious battle for flagship GPU’s over the last few months it will be nice to see AMD play a mid range blow to the market. Computex is just weeks away now, so fingers crossed for even more details, but GPU releases are never far away, so expect to see hardware on the market in around three months time.

Thank you Videocardz for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Videocardz.

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