Brief View Of The Upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center leaked in Video

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A lot of rumors are building up about the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update due in a couple of months, namely in April. The update has been stated numerous times to bring a lot of features, such as the Notification Center which most people are talking about.

The Notification Center is basically what you see on Android and iOS handsets today, a drawer which can be accessed by swiping from the top of the screen downwards which lets you see all notifications received and from which app. Reports also say that the Notification Center will be called Action Center in the Windows Phone platform, however nothing concrete can be determined about it before Windows officially announces it.

Leaked images of the so-called Action Center have been revealed in the past, however a new video has surfaced detailing the Action Center a bit more than a few screenshots.

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Four quick settings features can be seen in the video, similar to the Android counterpart, where you can easily access the settings features assigned without the need of navigating through the handset’s Settings. Apparently there will be a lot of customization options as well, with users being able to disable individual banners and sounds from apps.

We see a lot of potential for the WP8.1 Action Center from the 40 seconds clip, however we still need to see it detailed in order to compare it to its iOS and Android rivals.

Thank you Ubergizmo for providing us with this information
Image and video courtesy of Ubergizmo

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