Broadwell is not for desktop, rather focused on mobile

/ 5 years ago

Following the recent report on Intel’s latest roadmap for their upcoming processor lines, it appears that the new Broadwell line of chips are not to be designed for the desktop markets, but more for the mobile side of things, when it is released in 2014.


Arguing this, Goldman Sachs put up a 75-page study titled “Clash of the Titans” saying that they believe that the ongoing shift in consumer computer toward smartphones and tablets and away from traditional PCs will be negative for Intel.

Intel’s most power-efficient chip, codenamed Bay Trail is likely to make an entry in 2013 would most likely offer up the opportunity for even thinner and more power efficient notebooks and ultra books to what we are seeing now and supposedly a better battery life at the same time as a result of.

Source: CNET 

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