Bruno Is the World’s First Smartcan

/ 2 years ago

Bruno smart trash 1

Do we really need smarter trash? It appears so as a new project on Kickstarter introduces us to Bruno, the world’s first smart trashcan. While the idea in itself isn’t that bad, I can’t help to think that this is just taking it one step too far on both the laziness and smart scale.

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Bruno will be available in five different colours, White, grey, blue, red, and as stainless steel version. Its mission, to make your life easier. It comes with a built-in vacuum at the bottom so you just have to sweep the dirt in front of it and remove the need to get out the dustpan and bend down to sweep it up. The next mission is for those who forget to take out the trash on trash day, although one could argue that every smartphone already has that feature in the calendar or alarm apps.

Bruno smart trash 2

Bruno will also notify you on your smartphone before you run out of trash bags and gives you the option to order new ones directly. Surely a convenient feature, but is it really a common problem to run out of dustbags?  The lid has motion sensors and will open without the need to touch anything which indeed is a nice feature when you got both hands full with things to throw away.

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As always with Kickstarter, you’ll find several offers to choose from. Early early birds were able to reserve a Bruno can for $139 plus shipping, but those 100 are already gone just as the 200 normal early birds for $149 plus shipping. The next step has a limited amount too for $159, but there are still some of them available. There are also family packs with up to 10 Bruno smart cans in one package for the large families or offices that want one of these everywhere.

Bruno smart trash 4

If you got interested and want a Bruno for either convenience or just laziness, then you should head on over to Kickstarter and reserve yourself one and get it as soon as it rolls off the production line.

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