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Brutal Doom 64 Version 2.0 Released

Brutal Doom 64 is one of the best version of Brutal Doom to date. Talented modder Sergeant_Mark_IV has created some spectacular versions of multiple Doom games over the years, and he’s just made his latest creation even better!

The recently released version of Brutal Doom 64 takes the game up to version 2.0. Lethal new kick attacks, as well as a stamina mechanic for them, have been added to the game. The Chaingun now has an improved rate of fire, and a new Assault Rifle has been added. There’s also the addition of Chaingun Zombies, as well as a new Tactical Mode.

Tactical Mode sounds interesting, as you start with an Assault Rifle which needs to be reloaded, and you move slower than in Normal Mode. You can sprint, but this costs stamina, and it’s sure to be a bigger test of your skill. No doubt the kick ability will come in handy between reloads if you’re overrun.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, the game now also includes a Deathmatch Mod. This multiplayer component includes six maps, D64DM1 to D64DM6, and even supports bot matches via Zandronum.

Check out the trailer below to see it all in action, then be sure to download the latest Brutal Doom 64 Version 2.0 from the official site here.


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