Brutal Doom v20 Showcased in a Brand New Video

/ 3 years ago

Brutal Doom

Whenever I see a gameplay video of Doom I immediately become hit by a wave of nostalgia, because this is one of the games that I was very fond of in my early years. Released on December 10, 1993, this horror-themed first-person shooter paved the way for modern FPS games, and it still manages to draw a lot of attention even today. You may have heard about a modder that calls himself “SGtMarkIV”, who has been hard at work perfecting his Brutal Doom mod. Brutal Doom V20 was showcased recently through a gameplay video that shows off its incredibly gory nature.

The newest version of the mod features a “Blood Amount” setting, which is quite self-explanatory to be honest. The modder also introduced grenades into the famous game, and you can pretty much imagine how much carnage those things can do in a tight spot. Usually, when dealing with such an acclaimed game, modders can end up doing more harm than good by ruining the titles original feel. Personally, I think that the bloodbath in Brutal Doom V20 fits the theme perfectly, and the setting for the amount of blood puts the player in complete control of the new effects.

Have a look at the following video and see it all for yourself!

What do you think about Brutal Doom V20?

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