Brutal Doom v21 Detailed – New Enemies, Guns, and More!

/ 8 months ago

Brutal Doom

We’re big fans of Brutal Doom here at eTeknix and have been closely following many of the cool updates that the mod/game has received over the years by talented modder ‘SGtMarkIV’. The latest dev diary for the latest version of the game has been released and shows off a bunch of new features that we can expect to see in the next update. These include unique handgun ammo, dual wielding, and a new zombieman variant. What more could you want from a game/mod?

The new Zombie civilian enemy type should give the game even more variety, not only in what you shoot at but also how. The update adds an axe, as well as a new submachine gun for an all-out killing spree. The submachine gun is similar to the rifle, but fires much, much faster, but also less accurately and with less damage per shot, albeit with a bigger clip.

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SGtMarkIV promises performance improvements, as well as a bunch of minor tweaks in the new update. There’s no concrete release date as of yet, but we do expect that it will be fairly soon.

You can check out the Dev Diary below!

“Brutal Doom v21 will have even options to modify the game’s experience and improve performance.
I still don’t have a release date planned.” SGtMarkIV

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