BT Announces The “Home Smartphone S” Designed For Your Landline

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BT recently revealed something a little bit quirky, the Home Smartphone S, which as the name suggests is a “smartphone” for the home and for your landline. The BT Home Smartphone S acts as your landline phone with a wireless dock but it also has all the features of a touchscreen Android smartphone with applications such as Facebook and YouTube. The main features though are the ones that are more relevant to landline functionality such as BT’s Nuisance Call Blocker feature which means users can choose to block certain numbers. Users can block group numbers, such as all international numbers, withheld numbers, premium numbers or unknown callers, as well as up to 10 individual numbers if there are just some people you don’t want contacting you.

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Additionally the BT Home Smartphone S has a “Do Not Disturb” mode allowing you to switch off the ringer at certain times of the day or week.

“The new BT Home SmartPhone S allows customers to enjoy the features they would expect from a smartphone combined with the great features of a BT home phone, including nuisance call blocking to put them back in control of who they want to speak to,” commented Erik Raphael, director of Wi-Fi and Devices at BT.

The BT Smartphone S costs £170 and is available from the BT shop.

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