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BT to Massively Expand Full-Fibre Internet – With a Catch!

Although the UK is currently undergoing a general upgrade to internet speeds via the continued expansion of full-fibre connections, I think many would agree that it’s taking a lot longer than we perhaps might have liked. Well, those of you who don’t yet have access to it yet at least. And don’t worry, I’m one of them too!

Well, following a report via the BBC, there is some (mostly) good news in this regard as BT has confirmed a new £12B full-fibre expansion within the UK looking to “build like fury” to bring the high-speed connections to more and more homes. There is, however, something of a notable caveat to this!

BT to Massively Ramp Up Full-Fibre Internet Expansion!

So, why have they only just decided to kick things up into a new gear? Well, the short version is that BT was awaiting a decision from OFCOM as to whether caps would be placed on how much they could/can charge customers for access to the service. With OFCOM confirming that they will not apply any such restrictions for at least the next 10-years, BT has now felt comfortable enough to roll-out this next wave of full-fibre.

I daresay at this point though, you can see the problem. Namely, BT basically has a free hand now to charge whatever they like for it! Well, as long as they can warrant it!

What Do We Think?

While everyone would like super-fast internet, it does, of course, have to be balanced out against the cost. The clear worry with this news, however, is that with BT already has something of a moderate monopoly over fibre access, for people or businesses who simply require the speeds offered within such services, BT can effectively charge whatever they feel. This does, incidentally, also apply to those who are already customers.

Put simply, there is nothing stopping BT from slapping on some pretty big price increases for the service, and, quite frankly, if they do choose to do this, it’s going to be interesting to see who decides to stick with it. For the moment though, and particularly those who don’t yet have full-fibre access, let’s presume (and hope) that this really is some great news (because it could be!).

What do you think? How fast is your current internet connection? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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