Why Build A City In SimCity When You Can 3D Print it!?

/ 3 years ago


If you’re a big SimCity fan then this latest use for 3D Printing could be right up your street. A designer called Ittyblox has produced modular buildings from the SimCity game using 3D Printing. As you might expect, they aren’t to scale, but if you like the novelty of having decorative gaming paraphernalia then these are pretty cool. There are a range of residential and commercial buildings up for grabs which you can arrange into the baseplates to form your own city. Trying to build yourself a full city-sized assortment could get quite expensive – you’d probably need to spend about €500 just to fill a decent sized coffee table or shelf. If there was ever a reason to go out and buy a 3D Printer, then this is certainly one of them.

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The experience may not be quite as entertaining as playing SimCity on your PC, but at least you won’t run out of space……. right? (make those maps bigger Maxis!)

Source: Softpedia

Image #1 courtesy of Maxis, Image #2 courtesy Ittyblox

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