Bulldozer replacement to arrive in Q3

/ 6 years ago

AMD’s latest roadmap focuses primarily on the desktop processor market. AMD is looking to speed up the launch of its desktop processors to catch up with Intel. It plans to continue with the current line up until the end of March this year. From March onwards AMD will press ahead with the launch of some new Bulldozer models for the rest of Quarter 2 up until the end of June. From July onwards AMD is planning to introduce “Bulldozer/Zambezi version two” which will be known as Piledriver/Vishera and is still based of 32nm architecture. It will be a refinement of Bulldozer and will probably bring 15% more performance over the current generation and will come with a FX x3xx branding with the first X representing the number of cores and the last two representing the strength of the clock speeds.

A bit more is revealed on the Trinity APUs but most of this we already knew from the previous AMD roadmap that was released last week:

The fastest “Trinity” APUs will get a new brand identifier, the A10-5000 series. These APUs will pack next-generation “Piledriver” modular cores and Radeon HD 7600D series graphics. Around this time, AMD will also launch the Brazos 2.0 low-power APU for netbooks, nettops, and embedded computing devices. Brazos 2.0 will get the E2-1000 series branding. The big change is reserved for the third quarter of 2012, when AMD launches the successor of its less-than-lucky AMD FX “Bulldozer” processor family.

Codenamed “Vishera”, AMD’s new FX-x300 family (where x = 8 in case of eight-core, 6 in case of six-core, and 4, in case of quad-core), will likely be built on the same AM3+ platform, but based on the “Piledriver” core architecture, which brings in about 15% IPC increase over Bulldozer. The roadmap slide talks about FX-8350 being the top-end part, followed by FX-8320, FX-6300, and FX-4320. Around that time, AMD will replace its A6 and A4 “Llano” parts with new A6 and A4 “Trinity” ones. The A6-5400 APU features Radeon HD 7540D graphics, while the A4-5300 features Radeon HD 7480D.

Source: DonanimHaber, TPU


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