Bungie Patches Destiny With a Gigantic 2.44GB Patch

/ 3 years ago


Bungie has updated Destiny up to version 1.0.3, with a required patch to the console-exclusive title, a patch that adds fan-requested things like a beta for voice chat in matchmaking.

The patch for Destiny is a massive 2.44GB, and requires Destiny players to be out of an active session of the game, so they can download and install it. The version 1.0.3 patch was announced last week, and is one of many patches being released before the game’s first DLC, The Dark Below, is released on December 9. The patch includes an opt-in voice channel for team chat during matchmade strikes and Crucible rounds.

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Bungie has also doubled the number of bounty slots from 5 to 10, as well as providing gamers with the ability to preview their emblems and armour shaders.

Source: Polygon.

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