Bungie to Remove a Set of Armor from Destiny 2 Because of A “Hate Symbol”

/ 4 months ago

Destiny 2 Officially Announced with Trailer, Confirmed Coming to PC

Bungie renounces hate in all forms.

Destiny 2 came out not too long ago, and fans seem to be enjoying the game so far. Much more than they did the previous title, anyway. However, Bungie is busy combing through the game’s assets in order to find things that are out of order. This is normal for a gaming developer, particularly when bugs or glitches are to be expected. I did not expect them to find hate symbols, though. Well, that’s what the company claims to have found anyway. It appears that a set of in-game gauntlets actually shared “elements with a hate symbol.” Consequently, the developer promised to remove the set from the game altogether. The news was announced on Twitter.

A second tweet quickly followed, which expressed the developers’ apologies. Naturally, the team is “working quickly to correct this. We renounce hate in all forms.”

So let’s see these gauntlets!

Unfortunately, Bungie did not reveal exactly what set of armor they were referring to. However, a Reddit user thinks that he managed to figure it out. The Destiny 2 subreddit focuses on the Road Complex AA1 gauntlets, which feature a representation similar to the fictional flag of Kekistan. The flag is sometimes associated with alt-right and hate-groups, and some believe it has similarities with the Nazi flag from World War 2. I personally don’t see the resemblance, but that’s just me.

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Maybe Bungie will actually clarify the matter in the near future, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. In these situations, companies usually prefer to move on quickly, as focusing on hate symbols and politics is not very good for business. This makes sense, of course, as Destiny 2’s aim is to provide entertainment, not to spark debates.

Here’s an image of the controversial Road Complex AA1 gauntlets. Can you spot anything wrong with this set?

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