Bungie to reveal Destiny on Facebook later today

/ 5 years ago


Are you set for the next creation for legendary developer Bungie? Well you might want to keep your eyes and ears set to Facebook later today where the company who are famed for their long standing work on the Halo series.

After many years being the brains behind the still massively popular Halo series, Bungie have broken their bonds with Microsoft and passed the Halo flame to 343i. Now they have their goals set on a whole new world and no doubt another epic installment to the testament of their developer studio, Destiny.

First leaked back in November last year, Which saw concept art and a few plot details, Bungie are eager to share their new creation with the world and it comes but days before the major Sony announcement which could be next-gen hardware. This is vital to the future of gaming as we know that Bungie are no longer a Xbox exclusive developer and have been making their next adventure for multiple platforms, we’re just not sure which ones, no doubt all this and more will be revealed later today.

We’ll reveal Destiny right here in just a few hours.” – Bungie facebook page

Follow Bungies Destiny on Facebook and watch out for the announcement later today – www.facebook.com/DestinyTheGame

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