Businesses to Cut Energy Consumption and Cost Through Internet of Things

/ 3 years ago


Businesses could save big by using smart appliances connected to the Internet of Things, making financial savings which can be used for other business ventures. The smart tech is able to provide additional details regarding energy consumption, when and where it is happening and how to save money.

“Energy costs for businesses, particularly small businesses, are always a big challenge – especially if that business is energy intensive,” said Rob McNamara, executive director of SmartGrid GB, in a statement published by The Guardian. “So any technologies, products and services that can help them reduce their energy costs are typically going to be welcome. And things like smart metering, in particular, can provide them with tangible benefits.”

Smart metering is said to be able to provide minute-by-minute metering of energy consumption, a unique tech that holds a lot of potential on the market. With all the new tech available, businesses should be able to embrace the IoT in the near future, increasing functionality and cutting costs at the same time.

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