Button Remapping Coming to All Xbox One Controllers

/ 2 years ago

Xbox One Elite Bundle controller

Button remapping has been an integral part of PC gaming since the days of USB play-and-play controllers. While the default layout usually provides an optimal experience, it can be slightly awkward if you’re used to certain setups or encounter hand-fatigue after prolonged periods. Prior to the official Xbox 360 drivers, PC gamers had to resort to using third party software such as XPadder to enable controller functionality.

Finally, the ability to alter default button mapping is coming to the Xbox One and isn’t limited to Microsoft’s $150 Elite controller. This is vital as some developers opt for bizarre control methods which feel counter-intuitive. The freedom to manually select your own scheme from scratch is wonderful and makes the user-experience better suited to each individual’s taste. The news came via Mike Ybarra on Twitter who confirmed that custom remapping would come to all controllers.

Clearly, Microsoft’s latest strategy revolves around consumer choice and making the Xbox One a flexible video games console. Perhaps, with the release of Halo 5 around the corner, this appears like a sensible move to appease Microsoft’s core demographic. This follows a wide array of dashboard updates in the last few months to add functionality. Most famously is the implementation of backwards compatibility which shocked Sony at the time.

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