C-60 to feature Turbo Core, higher clocks

/ 7 years ago

Recently, Fusion has been taking to the skies. Not quite literally, but the concept and idea is really starting to take off. We have seen the release of the E-350 one of the more mainstream Fusion SKU’s which has a TDP envelope of 18W a huge downgrade on most modern AMD CPU’s (that are anything up to 140W). Of course the E-350 has both a CPU and GPU built in and as such runs at a 1.6 GHz and 492 MHz respectively.These figures aren’t brilliant in theirselves but are quite clearly the way forward in terms of efficiency – especially for HTPC’s and Laptop’s. Did I forget to mention its Dual-Core and as such will certainly still pack an impressive punch!

The new Fusion SKU, the C-60 is a more powerful upgrade to the already impressive C-50 and is designed to bridge the gap between the lower powered C-series and the slightly higher powered E-series. The C-60 is clocked at 1 GHz and its HD 6290 graphics core runs at 276 MHz – which is the same clocks as the C-50, however the C-60 has Turbo Core enabled allowing the clocks to be pushed up to 1.33 GHz and 400MHz respectively. Of course it does this while still only using 9W TDP.

Fusion is overall still very much in the testing grounds but I am sure it will make a huge impact on the market very shortly as more variety of low-powered APU’s are released.

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