Call of Duty RICOCHET Cheat Detection Looks to Apply ‘Invisibility Cloak’ to Legit Players

With the launch of the new RICOCHET cheat detection system earlier this year, while it certainly hasn’t provided the magic bullet solution (nearly) everyone was hoping for in regards to stopping cheaters on Call of Duty (Warzone or Vanguard), it has at least represented something of a solid step in the right direction. – It does, generally speaking, feel like there are legitimate fewer cheaters around in the games. – That’s not, of course, to say that it’s 100% perfect though. And, on the plus side, it does appear that its developer Raven Software does acknowledge that point.

In one such example of this, they’ve just announced the latest update to RICOCHET that now looks to apply a rather interesting new feature. Namely, if it detects that someone is cheating, every other player will now (possibly) be getting a free invisibility cloak!

Call of Duty RICOCHET’s ‘Invisibility Cloak’

As part of the announcement, Activision has released a blog post in which they say:

“In our previous anti-cheat progress report, we outlined how #TeamRICOCHET uses in-game mitigation techniques to reduce the impact of cheaters, while also collecting data that’s essential to identify cheating behavior. While the team is hard at work testing and deploying a variety of new mitigation and detection techniques, we wanted to highlight something that’s been spotted in the wild: Cloaking.

With Cloaking, players that are detected to be cheating can find themselves unable to see opposing players in the game world. Characters, bullets, even sound from legitimate players will be undetectable to cheaters. Legitimate players, however, can see cheaters impacted by cloaking (generally, they’ll be the players you see spinning in circles hollering, “Who is shooting me?!”) and can dole out in-game punishment. This, like our previously revealed mitigation technique Damage Shield, gives legitimate players a leg up on cheaters.”

What Do We Think?

While banning Call of Duty cheaters is clearly the more ideal solution, there is a definite point to these ‘mitigation’ tactics. – Put simply, the more they can monitor cheaters, the better they can attempt to understand how their software works, and more so, what they can do to detect and shut it down faster in the future. And if they can do so while rendering their play completely useless, all the better. I daresay they’ll be more than a few mocking videos popping up on YouTube shortly showcasing people getting caught out by this new update.

Admittedly though, it’s very unlikely that the war against cheaters on Call of Duty will ever be won. You do, however, have to at least praise the fact that unlike many of its competitors, Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard is at least trying, and there’s nothing wrong with legitimately trying and failing (which, rather coincidentally, sums up most of my Call of Duty Warzone attempts)

If you do, therefore, want to learn more, you can check out the full blog post via the link here!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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