Call of Duty Warzone ‘Infinite Stim’ Glitch Gets Patched Out

I have to admit that despite not having much to say about the single-player campaign (because I’ve barely bothered with it), I’ve pumped a lot of time into Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s multiplayer and particularly the ‘battle royale’ Warzone mode. I should make it clear though, despite loving Warzone (and having registered a solid handful of wins in it I might add) I’d be among the first to admit that the game has had more than a few ‘balancing’ issues since it released.

Following a recent patch, however, an exploit was discovered that effectively allowed you to access an infinite number of Stim packs. Why was this important? Well, with them being capable of restoring your health, it provided some (grubby) players with a means of perpetually surviving from outside the circle. In other words, in the fog.

If you were one of those people, however, then it’s bad news for you, but good news for the rest of us. Yes, Infinity Ward has confirmed that the stim glitch has now been removed from Call of Duty Warzone with more than a few other little tweaks.

Call of Duty Warzone – Fixes and Balances

As part of the latest patch (that thankfully isn’t 20GB+ in size), Infinity Ward has confirmed three semi-major (or at least significant) changes to Call of Duty Warzone and, specifically, the utilization of items and weapons in it. These tweaks include:

  • The ‘infinite’ stim glitch has been removed
  • The Val has been given a slight nerf removing its ability to fire through walls
  • The SP-R 208 (the new and amazingly overpowered sniper rifle) has received a nerf on both sight speed and recoil.

What Do We Think?

While Warzone is undoubtedly one of the best ‘battle royale’ game modes ever created, balance is a key aspect to ensure that players, generally speaking, have access to a reasonably even playing field. So, on the plus side, with these much needed tweaks, hopefully the experience will get better while we all wait for the release of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War!

Oh, and if you want an idea as to how the infinite stim glitch worked, check out the video below. Just don’t bother trying it yourself now. All going well, this has been permanently removed!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!
Mike Sanders

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