Call of Duty Warzone Still Has A Major Cheating Problem!

In pretty much all competitive games, there will always be an element of the community that looks towards cheating to give them an (unfair) advantage. This has particularly become a problem with the emergence of the ‘battle royale‘ genre over the last few years and with Call of Duty Warzone representing one of the biggest names around at the moment, Activision has had a hard time in attempting to keep on top of the problem.

Around a month ago, however, there were hopes that cheating would start to become less apparent with the introduction of a new ‘soft-ban’ feature that would see cheaters placed on ‘dirty’ servers that were shared with other ‘suspicious’ players. Following a number of posts on Reddit in the last 24-hours, however, it still appears that cheating remains a big problem in the game!

From being highly suspicion (48 kills) to blatantly not giving a single fuck if everyone knows your cheating. from r/CODWarzone

Call of Duty Warzone Cheaters!

In the videos above and below, you can clearly see people in action fragrantly cheating. Through the use of auto-aim features, they’re able to pull off practically (or at least nearly) impossible kills, and, particularly in the instance below, they even know where a player is behind a solid wall!

Fortunately, while this is a problem (and mostly, if not entirely, coming from PC users) Activision is at least continuing to take proactive steps with the creation of accounts (for the free version of the game) now requiring SMS activation.

I don’t understand why I’m forced to deal with this on Xbox. from r/CODWarzone

What Do We Think?

Unfortunately, this is a problem that feels like it will always be around. And you can’t necessarily blame Activision for failing to find a solution to it in Call of Duty Warzone either. This issue also exists (heavily) in PUGB and, (arguably, and possibly to a lesser (or perhaps greater?) extent), within Fortnite.

One can only hope, however, that sooner or later, this will finally be stamped out. If you are, however, a console player sick of encountering these moments, it might be a good idea to turn cross-play off or only turn it on when necessary! It’s not ideal, but you’ll probably at least limit your encounters with players who have ‘unusually’ good aim.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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