Call of Duty Warzone Has a New Glitch Known as ‘Snake Abuse’

While Call of Duty’s Warzone has proven to be a highly-popular battle royal game, it’s not like it hasn’t had its share of problems along the way. Be it bugs or guns being over or underpowered, there’s always something that needs fixing! It seems, however, that a fresh exploit has started worming its way into the game known as ‘snake abuse’.

So, what is it I hear you ask? Well, watch the first video and see if you spot the shenanigans going on!

Call of Duty Warzone – Snake Abuse

So, just in case you didn’t spot it, the ‘snake abuse’ glitch allows players to basically move around (as if they were walking) while in the prone position. Something that can clearly give you a huge advantage as your opponent has a much more awkward target to aim at and, more specifically, with fire coming from very unusual positions.

It doesn’t, however, end there. People who have used the glitch report that the camera retains the ‘upright’ position. So, in other words, you can be entirely hidden behind a wall, yet still be able to fire upon enemies completely unseen. Something that would undoubtedly give you a pretty huge advantage!

Activision/Infinity Ward is Unusually Quiet

Despite the issue being quite well known (and probably a lot more now with me writing this – albeit, I’m not going to tell you how to do it) as of yet, neither Infinity Ward nor Activision has made any specific comments regarding this new Warzone glitch. With season 4 set to kick off on Wednesday, however, one would presume the (almost inevitable) patch will correct the error. Well, all going well!

For the moment, however, if you do decide to give Warzone a go today, we have only one piece of advice: Watch out for snakes! (100 points if you get the reference).

Mike Sanders

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