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Call of Duty Warzone S6 is Adding a Fast Travel Subway

Despite the lack of any majorly significant updates to Call of Duty Warzone since it’s release earlier this year, there have been a number of tweaks and modifications made to it to attempt to keep things fresh and exciting for the masses of people who enjoy a few rounds of battle royale madness! For example, in the most recent update, a loot train was added to the map as well as the stadium finally being opened up for general access and exploration.

In a report via Eurogamer, however, as part of the latest Season 6 update (set to release on September 29th) Warzone is getting a brand new travel addition. Namely, a fast-travel subway system!

Call of Duty Warzone Season 6

The subway system will introduce 7 new subway ‘points’ to the map in which players or teams can visit to travel quickly across large distances. With the map details stating that any stations currently inside the ‘fog’ will be skipped on your journey, it’s unclear as to exactly how this will work and, more specifically, how this area will be affected as the circle grows ever smaller. This certainly does seem to be an interesting new way to add a fresh feature to the game mode though.

Unconfirmed Theories

Based on the image above, it does look like manually walking along the rails will result in instant death. So there’s no way apparent means here to try and exploit the potential for hiding under the map. In addition, we would also expect that you’ll need to ‘pay’ (from the cash you loot) to use the service in order to attempt to limit multiple uses.

The short version is we won’t know exactly how this works until it is released. Call me crazy though, but it sounds like a high traffic area I think I’d personally rather avoid unless things were getting more than a little desperate. I mean, surely those entrances and exits are going to be jealously guarded by squads of snipers… right?…

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Mike Sanders

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